Suppliers of NYSDOT, PENNDOT and ASTM Quality Ready-mix Concrete

Ready-mix Concrete

JMI is the largest, family owned producer of ready-mix concrete in Chautauqua County.  

Concrete is one of the world's most versatile and durable construction materials. Every major construction project from tunnels and bridges to offices and schools use concrete in one form or another in a variety of structures.

Ready-mix concrete is made from a carefully balanced mixture of aggregates, cement
and water. We also use ground granu
lated blast furnace slag (GGBS) - a by-product of the steel industry - which can be used to replace some of the cement content in concrete.

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         JMI Pump Truck

In December of 2010, JMI’s management saw a growing need for a concrete pump in the greater Jamestown area. We purchased a Concord Pump and with our quality operator, we can handle all of your pumping needs. Please click here to see pump diagram.


         Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete is Green and cool, take a tour by clicking on link!

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