Rice Krispies® Treats and Pervious Concrete?

As interesting as it sounds we have not begun adding cereal to our concrete mixes. However, when describing what pervious concrete looks like, the reference of Rice Krispies® treats is often used. Similar to those famous marshmallow squares, pervious has voids in it, allowing water
to drain through the concrete freely. This unique feature is a result of the combination of cement, coarse aggregate, water, and admixtures; there are little or no fines present. Pervious is also known as a no-fines concrete, porous concrete, permeable concrete, gap-graded concrete and enhanced-porosity concrete.


Into the Void

In a typical concrete mix the amount of void space is extremely minimal. Pervious concrete however usually has 15-25% void space in the mixture. Water and pollutants are able to flow through into the soil below versus being washed away into a storm water drain inlet. Storm water management has been the main catalyst behind the creation of pervious concrete with the focus on managing storm water runoff in an environmentally friendly way. The EPA now requires that municipalities with a population in excess of 50,000 people manage their own storm water discharge through the use of a Best Management Practice (BMP). Pervious concrete is approved by the EPA as a BMP for storm water management.

The Perks of Percolation

The distinctive characteristics of pervious concrete provide many benefits for our environment including:

• Storm water Management
• Low Impact Development
• Pollution Treatment
• Recharging of groundwater’s and aquifers
• LEED Recognition
•Reduce heat-island effect

These are the main benefits most often associated with pervious concrete. It should be noted that pervious is not suitable for every type of application and care should be taken in the design, placement and maintenance of the concrete.

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