Suppliers of NPCA and ASTM Quality Precast
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Catch Basins & Accessories

2x2 CB    
2x3 CB    
2x4 CB    
3x3 CB     4x4 CB    

2x2 EXT   
2x3 EXT    2x4 EXT   
3x3 EXT   
4x4 EXT  

2x4 M Top            
Slab Top for 3x3             
Slab Top for 4x4             

Manholes & Accessories

4’ Dia Manhole 5’ Dia Manhole

Manhole Grade Rings
Ring & Covers / Castings Available

Tanks & Accessories

500 Rectangular Septic Tank
1000 Rectangular Seep Tank
1000 Rectangular Septic Tank
1000 Rectangular 2/C Septic Tank
                                                1500 Single Compartment Septic Tank                                             1500 Rectangular 2/C Septic Tank
Norweco (500/day) Tank
Norweco (750/day) Tank
6 Way Distribution Boxes
Tank Extensions (500-1000 & 1500) & Lids

Miscellaneous Precast

Parking Barrier with Trenches
Barrier Blocks: 2x2x3, 2x2x5, 2x2x6 & Top Cap

Landscape Blocks: Half, Full, Top Cap, Recess Left & Right
Rhode Island: Full Block 60'' and Half Block 30''
Modular Steps
T-Walls: 10' & 12'



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